Siesta Key Wedding Recommendations

We know when you choose to have a Florida destination wedding, you don’t always know where to go for all of the other items you may need, or want, for your Siesta Key beach wedding.  We know that you will want to work with the most knowledgeable, experienced vendors, so we have compiled a list of our Siesta Key Wedding Recommendations.  Each one of the following vendors have been a big part in making Siesta Key, and the surrounding areas, a successful beach wedding destination.  Let them share their experience with you, so your beach wedding in Sarasota can be totally complete.

And, since we have been involved in hundreds of beach weddings, we wanted to offer some personal Siesta Key Recommendations that will help you to achieve your dream destination beach wedding.


No question, can provide you with so many different options for your stay in Siesta Key.  Contact David Pilkey today ((941)349-3460) to explore all of your options for accommodations.  He has several Siesta Key recommendations for your stay, including condominiums, homes, and townhouses.


Hands down, you will not find a better wedding hair stylist than Linda at  Not only does she have years of experience, she really knows the beach.  Your hair will look flawless, even if the weather is a bit breezy.  And, she is a great make-up artist.  With Linda, you will look like yourself, but enhanced — so your beach wedding photos can see your true beauty!  Contact Linda at 941-928-3651.


Ophelia’s on the Bay:  Fine dining with a private area for that special wedding reception dinner.

Boatyard Waterfront Grill:  Great food, great atmosphere, and very close to Siesta Key Beach.

Turtles Restaurant:  Casual dining with great food, and quiet views of the bay.

The Daiquiri Deck:  With an easy, accessible location in Siesta Village, your casual reception will be a hit with your guests

Mattisons 41:  Private room with casually elegant food, and great decor

Of course, if you require anything else, we would be glad to find the right professional who will add their experience, and knowledge  to your Florida beach wedding celebration.

Our Personal Siesta Key Wedding Recommendations:

We want to offer you our personal Siesta Key Wedding Recommendations for the success of your wedding ceremony.  Here are just some of the many things we have learned over the years of having many successful beach weddings:

Siesta Key Recommendations on what to wear:

What makes a bride beautiful?  Feeling comfortable and beautiful in what she is wearing!  So, go ahead and get that wedding dress of your dreams!  Or, if you are more understated, wear the casual long beach dress!  Whatever your style, you will shine on your wedding day!  But, make sure you remember you are at the beach, so keep that in mind when choosing your ceremony hair style.

The Groom?  He can wear whatever you want him to!  Seriously, he can wear a suit (not a good idea for the summer time, though).  Or, a white linen shirt and khaki pants or shorts.  In the summer months, you may not want to choose colored shirts that may show sweat for your photos.  Other than that, the groom is good to go!

Your Wedding Ceremony Site:

If at all possible, upon arriving in Florida, you should make a visit to your beach wedding ceremony site, one of your top priorities.  This way, you will be familiar where the location is, how the parking works, and the approximate time it takes to arrive at your beach wedding ceremony site from where you will be staying.

Now that you have seen the beach area, you will also be more informed to answer any of your guests, and provide them with any answers they may want.  Remember, your guests will arrive on the beach before you will.  And, an informed guest is a happy guest!

In most areas, in Siesta Key, Lido Beach, Venice Beach and all surrounding beach areas, available parking can be an issue. This is a very popular area, and many people are visiting the beaches.  Our Siesta Key Recommendations for parking:  carpool with other guests.  Or, there are free shuttles throughout the area that can bring you right to your beach ceremony site in Siesta Key, and arrange for pick up after the ceremony.

Siesta Key Recommendations for after the ceremony:

There are several options that you can consider for after the ceremony.  You can arrange to take all of your guests out to dinner.  Several area restaurants offer private rooms with full service.  Or, for larger parties there are a couple of options for full receptions nearby.  In Siesta Key, there are a couple of picnic areas off of the beach.  But, this would be for a very informal get-together afterward.  On one of the walkways down to the beach, The Gulf Wave Pavilion, you can rent this pavilion area, too.  This is a great back-up location for a beach wedding on Siesta Key.  You would still be under cover, but right off of the beach.  You can also rent this pavilion for a reception, but keep in mind, the walkway may still be used for other beach goers to walk on, and off the beach – so I would just suggest this area as a ceremony back-up.

You can also add your first dance as husband and wife on the beach, by your ceremony decor.   We offer this great option to couples who may just being heading out to a dinner celebration, but will not have their own music to dance to.  Why not take advantage and dance right on the beach, where you just got married?

Our Most Important Siesta Key Recommendations:

  • Remember you are having your Florida Destination wedding on the beach.  When you arrive, and you want to soak up the sun before your wedding ceremony – WEAR Sunscreen!  Otherwise we will see a beautiful, sunburned bride!
  • Make sure you provided all your guests with the location of the wedding, and any other important information.
  • Hire our Ceremony Photographer to insure you receive all of the beautiful ceremony moments!
Siesta Key Beach Recommendations - have fun on your wedding day!