Siesta Key Elopements

We perform many Siesta Key Elopements every year.  Why?  Because they offer the couple an intimate, decorated beach wedding ceremony that they are looking for?

Why Siesta Key Elopements?

  • The guest list at home is getting too large, and too costly
  • You have been sharing your life together, and want to make it official.  But, you don’t want all the stress, and expense, that comes with having a large wedding
  • Your dream of a wedding ceremony is just the two of you, and possibly a few of your closest family members.
  • You want to elope, but you still want to have the decorated bamboo canopy to stand under, you still want to wear a beautiful dress, and you still want to have beautiful photos of this ceremony.
  • This package is also a perfect choice if you want to have a vow renewal ceremony, celebrating your years of marriage together.

Siesta Key Elopements can fulfill any of the above reasons for having this elegant, intimate elopement beach wedding ceremony.  We enjoy being a part of every beach wedding.  Just because this is a package for a just the two of you, and up to six other guests, doesn’t make it any less important, or a small ceremony.  Getting married is a big deal, no matter what size wedding.  Why not choose our Simply Siesta Package that gives you the beautiful four post bamboo canopy, sand ceremony, ceremony officiant, and beautiful ceremony photography.

With all of our Siesta Key Elopements, you have the opportunity to upgrade to our Natural Design Bamboo Canopy, or our Lush Tropical Bamboo Canopy.  All of the details can be found below.

Siesta Key Elopements – Siesta Simply Package

  • Officiant: who will perform, and coordinate, your beach wedding ceremony
  • Traditional ceremony and vows provided by us
  • Our select beach location in Sarasota County, including Siesta Key, Lido Beach, Venice Beach, and Long Boat Key
  • Consultations by phone and email
  • Ceremony decor consisting of a natural full bamboo canopy,  with white or ivory flowing material, and the option of adding a string of natural starfish topper.
  • Unity Sand Ceremony, including: Decorated sand ceremony table, keepsake vase, sand color choices.
  • Photographer at ceremony site with approximately 30 photos, which will include the ceremony and a few poses of the bride and groom immediately after the ceremony, available for you to download from your online gallery for free: Available for upgrade, see additional information at bottom of this page
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license


Our Siesta Key Elopements include all of the above.  There are no other additions than the upgraded decor, adding first dance, or upgrading photography.  There is no bridal party, no bridal processional, no chairs.  Items that can be added by you:  a bridal bouquet, or a your own specialty sand vase.  No the additions by us, or by you are available.  The total participant count is EIGHT.  Our Siesta Key Elopements are specifically designed for a small, intimate elopement, or vow renewal ceremony.

Total Participants


(Includes the couple being married and any children)

Package Cost


*Does not include any permit or parking fees that may be required

*Not available on any Holidays/Holiday Weekends

*may have limited availability on Saturdays



This non-refundable deposit reserves the date!

This deposit will be subtracted from the package price.

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Additions for this Package:

Add $75.00 to upgrade to Natural Bamboo Wedding Canopy Decor

Add $75.00 to upgrade to the Lush Tropical Wedding Canopy Decor

Add $25.00 to have your first dance as a married couple under the bamboo canopy

Gallery of our Siesta Key Elopements

Check out our Natural Simply Elopement

With upgraded natural bamboo, elegant draping and a natural branch topper, this look will complete your wedding day vision.

Check out our Tropical Simply Siesta Package

With upgraded bamboo, elegant draping, tropical canopy topper and conch shell details, your beach wedding ceremony decor will be perfect.

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Ceremony Photography Options

All of our packages include standard photography of your beach wedding ceremony: From the start of the ceremony, during the ceremony, and we finish with a few poses of the bridal party and the bride and groom. You will receive your your ceremony photos by a free digital download sent to your email address.  You can have your photos presented to you on a photo CD instead.  Just add $25.00 for shipping and handling of the photo CD.

Option #1


Add additional photography time after the ceremony with our staff photographer. This will include all of your ceremony photos, plus a group photos with your guests, a short session of immediate family photos with the bride and groom, poses with the bridal party, then ultimately several more poses of the bride and groom, by the ceremony site, and by the ocean shore (Average wedding 125+ photos).  You can add this extra photography for only $200.00 ($100.00 for our Simply Elopement Package).  You will receive all of your photos by free digital download.  A photo CD can be added for an additional fee.



Option #2


Are you looking for a more journalistic approach to your ceremony photography? More poses, for example “trashing the dress’, Hire our exclusive wedding photography company: Forever in Love Photography.

If you hire her for your ceremony photography, she will replace our staff photography. She will take all of your ceremony photos, as well as all the after ceremony photos. If you hire Forever in Love Photography for your beach wedding ceremony, she will take the place of our staff photographer. And, you will receive a $100.00 credit on your package when you use her photography services (this credit cannot be combined with any other discounts, and this credit is not available for the Simply Package).

Based on availability. You will need to contact her directly, to check her availability:


If you will be hiring your own photographer

Your independently hired  photographer will take the place of our ceremony photographer. You can deduct $100.00 from our package price when hiring your own photographer (not available with the Simply Elopement Package). Once the ceremony is over, your photographer will take all the guests to the water to complete their photography.