Anchors Away Sarasota Beach Wedding Package

Our Sarasota Beach Wedding Package:  Anchors Away

Our Sarasota Beach Wedding Package , Anchors Away, is part of our Distinctive Design Wedding Package Collection.   This unique design includes rich, black bamboo poles for your ceremony canopy.  A coordinating aisle way with thick, nautical rope, and real ocean starfish.  At the beginning of the aisle way are the large signature anchors – one on each side of the aisle way.  This Sarasota Beach Wedding Package includes up to 32 white deluxe wedding chairs, ceremony music, officiant, and beach wedding ceremony photographer.  A lemonade and water station is also included in this Sarasota Beach Wedding Package.  This is just one of the many things your guests will appreciate about your destination beach wedding.  Don’t forget, as you are getting ready to make your grand entrance, your guests will have already arrived on the beach. They will be enjoying a cold glass of lemonade, the cool white sand on the their feet, and the beauty of this desired Sarasota Beach location.

This Sarasota Beach Wedding Package also includes a large chalkboard announcing the couple.  A large sand vase for the combining of the sands (a great way to include any children into your beach wedding ceremony).  And, included in your Sarasota Beach Wedding package is ceremony coordination.  You will receive a detailed ceremony agenda with your Sarasota Beach Wedding Package.  This way, you, and your guests, will know where to go, what time to arrive, and the timeline for the wedding ceremony.

All of your hard work, and planning, really comes down to the moment you step on the beach and walk down the aisle way to meet your destiny.  We want to be there with you to share this great experience.  Contact us today so we can make it happen!

Everything included in this Sarasota Beach Wedding Package, as well as pricing, is listed below.

Anchors Away Distinctive Design Package Details

  • Officiant who will perform, and coordinate, your beach wedding ceremony
  • Your choice of personalized ceremony and vows provided by Siesta Key Beach Weddings
  • Our Select Beach Wedding Locations, if using your beach location, it must have reasonable beach access — for private rental locations, you will need to obtain property management permission, and pre-approval from us.
  • Consultations by phone and email
  • Final beach wedding ceremony agenda will be provided for this Sarasota Beach Wedding Package
  • Unity Sand Ceremony, including: Decorated sand ceremony table, large keepsake vase, and sand color choices
  • Seashell blessing (optional)
  • Large decorated “chalkboard” sign announcing the new couple!
  • Photographer at ceremony site with approximately 40 photos taken of the ceremony and a few poses of the bride and groom, immediately after the ceremony.  Photography is available for upgrade, see additional information on the bottom of the page.
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license
  • A Lemonade and Water Station for your guests’ enjoyment
  • Special gift for the couple
  • Recorded music will be played on our PA system. Over 25 guests: A microphone will be provided for the officiant
  • Four post black bamboo canopy with your choice of canopy material from our selections
  • Large, natural starfish and white rope on the top of each corner in the bamboo canopy
  • An aisle-way of black bamboo poles with matching starfish connected by white nautical rope
  • Two large black anchors with white nautical rope and conch shells at the beginning of the aisle way
  • Up to 32 white deluxe resin chairs
Total Participants


Over 50 guests? Additional costs may apply, contact us for details.

Sarasota Beach Wedding Package:
Anchors Away Distinctive Design


*does not include any permits that may have to be obtained, or parking fees.

*add $100.00 for Holiday/Holiday Weekends

*Add $250.00 if beach wedding will take place in front of private home or condominium complex

Non-Refundable Deposit


This non-refundable deposit reserves the date.

This deposit will be subtracted from the package price.


Optional Additions/Discounts Available

(extra charges will apply)

  • Expanded ceremony photography time
  • Additional chairs
  • Custom ceremony playlist
  • Add first dance under bamboo canopy to song of your choice
  • Add spandex chair bands to your ceremony chairs
  • $100.00 discount if you will be using your own photographer (cannot be combined with any other discounts).


Ceremony Photography Options

All of our packages include standard photography of your beach wedding ceremony: From the start of the ceremony, during the ceremony, and we finish with a few poses of the bridal party and the bride and groom.

How will you receive your ceremony photos?

No matter which option you choose for photography (standard, included with your package, upgrade, or Forever In Love Photos), your photos will be available by free download.  You will receive a link to download your photos free to your computer or copy them to your own CD.   We also have the option of receiving your photos on a photo CD, instead of the digital download option, for an additional charge.

Upgrade #1



Add additional photography time after the ceremony with our staff photographer. This will include all of your ceremony photos, plus a group photo with all of your guests, immediate family photos with the bride and groom, bridal party photos, then ultimately many more poses of the bride and groom by the shore (Average wedding 125+ photos).   You can add this extra photography time for only $200.00 (Simply Elopement package, add $100.00).  If your guest count is over 50, this additional photography time will be $250.00.  Once your photos are ready, they will be available to download.  A photo CD, instead of the digital download,  is available upon request for an additional fee.


Upgrade #2: Forever in Love Photography


Are you looking for a more journalistic approach to your ceremony photography?  Hire our exclusive wedding photography company: Forever in Love Photography.

If you hire her for your ceremony photography, she will replace our staff photographer. She will take all of your ceremony photos, as well as all the after ceremony photos.  And, you will receive a $100.00 credit on your package when you use her photography services (this credit cannot be combined with any other discounts, and this credit is not available for the Simply Package).  Once your photos are ready, they will be available to download for free.    A photo CD is available upon request, instead of the digital download option. for an additional fee.

You will need to contact her directly, to confirm availability:



If you will be hiring your own photographer


Your independently hired photographer will take the place of our ceremony photographer. You can deduct $100.00 from our package price when hiring your own photographer (not available for the Simply Package).  This credit cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials.  Once the ceremony is over, your photographer will take all the guests down  to the water to complete their after ceremony photography.  Our work will be complete, and we will start to take down our ceremony décor.

Sarasota Beach Wedding Package: Destination, Florida

When choosing this Sarasota Beach Wedding Package for your Florida Destination Wedding, you can be sure your guests will appreciate your unique decor choice, beach venue location, and most of all, being on Florida’s top beach in Sarasota County.

Remember, you will need to obtain a Florida Marriage License to legally get married in Florida.  You will not need a marriage license, nor will you have to show us a marriage license, if you are having a vow renewal ceremony.

Contact us about this Anchors Away Distinctive Design Package

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