Lido Beach Wedding Tips for your Florida Destination Beach Wedding


When you choose to have a destination wedding, your first question is usually, “How do I do it?”  Well, we want to simplify the process for you by providing you with our top ten Lido Beach Wedding Tips.  Of course, you may have more questions, or concerns, once you have read through the list.  No problem, you have a question, we have an answer (and if we don’t, we will find the correct answer for you!).

Our Lido Beach wedding tips are comprised from our years of experience performing beach weddings.  As well as the most frequently asked questions from our clients.   Remember, a destination wedding is new to you, but not to us.  We can assure you that you receive all of the proper, correct, and relevant information to have a successful destination beach wedding in Florida.

Top Ten Lido Beach Wedding Tips:

A newly married couple celebrating their Lido Beach Wedding

Lido Beach Wedding Tip #1:

Choose your beach wedding company – Siesta Key Beach Weddings, of course! Choose your package from our packages page, make your deposit to reserve your date.  And, receive your welcome packet.  Don’t forget to reserve your ceremony photography with us, too!

Lido Beach Wedding Tip #2:

Reserve your accommodations, as well as any reception/restaurant venue for your dinner reception.  Need more recommendations?  We can provide those for you, too!

Lido Beach Wedding Tip #3:

Once you have decided on your Lido Beach Wedding package, as well as the wedding date, let your guests know of your exciting plans.  Give them the date of the wedding, time of the wedding, as well as a couple of different options for accommodations.

A Florida destination wedding on Lido Beach

Lido Beach Wedding Tip #4:

Plan out an itinerary for your guests, and make sure they know the location of the beach wedding ceremony, but also any other events you may want them to attend.  This way, they can be there for all your wedding events, as well as explore Lido Beach and all it has to offer.  They can check out the famous St. Armand’s Circle with its award winning dining, shops, and special events.

Lido Beach Wedding Tip #5:

In your welcome packet, you will receive information on how to obtain your Florida Marriage license by mail.  This convenience is for the couples who both reside out of the state.  You can start this process several weeks before the wedding, so you won’t have to visit the local courthouse if you don’t want to!  Check out our Florida Marriage License Page for more details.

Lido Beach Wedding Tip #6:

Make any of your hair and make-up appointments.  Remember, even on the nicest of days, there is a breeze on the beach, so long flowing hair, may still blow in your face.  Consider an updo, or intricate braiding so your hair stays out of your face.

Lido Beach Wedding in Florida

Lido Beach Wedding Tip #7:

Choose comfortable, light attire for your beach wedding.  The bride can wear just about any dress she wants, from a formal ball gown, to a simple, flowing beach dress.  For the Groom:  It can be very warm on the beach, especially during the summer months.  Keep the colors light, so they don’t show any perspiration or water stains.  A white, or tan tailored linen shirt, and khaki slacks or shorts usually fits the bill quite nicely.  Or, you could have an entire beach wedding color theme:  Ask all of your guests to wear similar shades of your three best ceremony colors — this always looks great in those beach wedding ceremony photos!


Lido Beach Wedding Tip #8: The days leading up to our beach wedding:  If you are going to sunbathe, use sunscreen!  You don’t want to sunburn on the day before your wedding!  Make sure you stay hydrated, too.  If you are not used to the Florida humidity, it can sneak up on you.  Even with a nice breeze on the gulf, the humidity is ever present.  Your best bet:  If your package does not include our lemonade and water station, consider adding it to your chosen package.  This is a great option for you, and your guests, comfort on the beach.

Lido Beach Wedding Tip #9:

Please keep your guests informed of any, and all activities you have planned.  And, where they will be, and at what time.  You don’t want your guests trying to call you on your wedding day to find out information about location, time of arrival on the beach, etc…  You want your wedding day to be as stress-free as possible.  Remember, informed guests are relaxed guests, and relaxed guests always make your wedding day that much more special.

Lido Beach Wedding Tip #10:

Relax, and don’t sweat the small stuff!  You are now on the beach, on your wedding day, ready to get married.  You have planned the destination, provided your guests with all the wedding information, as well as accommodation recommendations, and the local shops and restaurants.  Now, it is time for your to walk down the sandy aisle.  Enjoy the moment, take time to look a the beautiful sky and the gentle waters of the gulf, savor the look on your almost spouse’s face, and let everyone see the joy that this day is bringing to you!  We want to help make this exact moment happen for you.  We look forward to working with you!

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