So for our next featured Dream Beach Wedding location, we welcome you to the beautiful Nokomis Beach! Nokomis Beach Weddings boast white sandy beaches, peaceful shoreline, gorgeous sunsets, and a stunning blue water! Be warned, if you are looking for the Spring Break hang out, this is NOT the place. Our “things to do” and “places to eat” lists are exactly what you need for a perfectly relaxation wedding weekend. However, if it’s nightlife and crowds you’re after, look elsewhere!


Places to Stay:

Gulf Shore Beach Resort:  The sweet spot of Nokomis Beach. Settle in steps from the private beach in a gulf-front bungalow. Relaxation is not an option, it’s a must. In-room kitchen and spectacular views. Spend your days deciding if you’ll be on the patio or your beach chair. Decisions, decisions. While this isn’t the Ritz, it is clean, charming, and perfect for a quiet beach getaway.

Beachcomber: The Beachcomber is a family owned business and the owners who live on the property love the island. This resort has 12 apartments, ranging in size from 350-1400 square feet. Rooms are furnished with a comfortable beachy vibe and you’ll be living on island time. Oh and this place has a nearly perfect Trip Advisor rating .


Places to Eat:

The Breakfast Cottage: Because it’s the first, and arguably most important meal of the day- breakfast. This quaint ma and pa restaurant is everything a breakfast place should be- friendly service staff, great atmosphere, and delicious home cooked food.

Pop’s Sunset Grill: Located right on the intracoastal, this restaurant is hands down a must visit. Waterfront dining doesn’t get any more wonderful than this. Love seafood? The “Steampot”- order it! Live music, laid back vibes, amazing food.

Briandi’s: Love a steak? Look no further. So intimate table seating, fantastic service, and a full belly are the top three take aways from Briandi’s.

Nokomo’s Sunset Hut: Well if the name doesn’t say it all. Tropical cocktails, outdoor tiki hut style, and yummy seafood. Convenient parking and live music are added bonuses!

Things To Do:

Off the Grid Fishing:  Famous for it’s year-round fishery, Nokomis is a fisherman’s dream. Step aboard the 28-foot Mako boat with Captain Korye. This charter is just right for smaller groups of up to six people and get ready to shout, “Fish on!”

Shark Teeth Hunting: Nokomis beach is a popular spot for shark teeth. Check out the best tips for finding a shark tooth to bring home!

Jet Ski Rentals: Adventure time! Efficient service, fun rides, and maybe even get a close up encoutner with a dolphin or manatee!


Beach Wedding Packages:

Whether you’re looking to have a beach elopement, large wedding event, or anything in between, we have the beach wedding package for you. Still narrowing down your exact beach location? You can learn more about Nokomis Beach Weddings and the surrounding gulf coast area beach packages.

  • Elopements

Just the two of you or up to six guests can enjoy the stress free beach wedding atmosphere with an elopement. Check out our beach wedding elopements options. 

  • Beach Wedding Packages

If you’re looking for a larger than six guest list, check out these beach wedding package options for Nokomis Beach Weddings. And remember, these beach wedding packages are all inclusive.  No hidden fees and everything you need for the day of your wedding ceremony. Oh and did we mention the affordability? Yeah, that’s covered too!


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