Whether it’s simple and elegant or bold and luxurious, your style shouldn’t have to affect your wedding budget. And you certainly should not be going into debt over your marriage ceremony. That’s a total newlywed buzz kill! So let’s get right into how to have an affordable destination beach wedding. This means getting the wedding of your dreams without sacrificing style, guest list cuts, and cutting corners.

How to have an Affordable Destination Beach Wedding

affordable destination beach wedding

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of planning an affordable destination beach wedding, let’s make sure you’ve done your pre-planning homework. KNOW YOUR BUDGET. Don’t shop around and then build your budget.. backwards. Get at least a ballpark figure of what you’re working with and go from there. Once you have the magic number, let’s get to planning!

  • Calculate Travel Costs

When planning your affordable destination beach wedding, one of the big ticket items can be getting there. Siesta Key Beach is conveniently located under 2 hours from Orlando International Airport. So that really provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to airlines and accessibility. Sanford International Airport is also a short trip to the beach and offers discount airlines which helps your budget. Driving may be a more affordable choice so if that’s the case, calculate your approximate gas cost. Don’t forget to consider your affordable destination beach wedding as your honeymoon too. It’s like a BOGO deal for weddings!

  • Wedding Dress & Attire

This number can vary depending on what you’re looking for. With a beach wedding, you have to option to go much more casual and very affordable. You can shop around online or locally and see what your options are. And remember to think outside the box when it comes to wedding dress options. Department stores or out of season racks in local wedding shops can save you hundreds on your dress. And for the grooms, you can call a rental place like Men’s Warehouse Sarasota, Florida for pricing or stick with khakis and a white button up.

  • Hotel/Accommdations

Trip Advisor has a super handy tool that allows you to create a budget per night and search by city. You can use the sliding scale and see what great accommodations are available in the Siesta Key area.

  • Beach Wedding

The best part! Ok, with Siesta Key Weddings, you have so many affordable options and designs to choose from! All beach wedding packages include e-mail and phone planning consultation, beach set up & breakdown of ceremony decor, officiant, vows, photographer, unity sand ceremony, and legal filing of your marriage license. This means you just pretty much just show up the day of your wedding and we take of everything! You can browse set ups and options on our Packages Page. Now your affordable destination beach wedding just became stress free too!


So, crunch those numbers, choose those designs, and get the guest list lined up! Those four components, Travel Costs, Wedding Attire, Accommodations, and Beach Wedding Ceremony are going to make up the largest part of your affordable destination beach wedding. You can add in some food money and see what’s left over for fun, entertainment, and adventure around Siesta Key!  Click to book your affordable destination beach wedding today!