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Reception Ideas for your Sarasota Beach Wedding

When planning a destination beach wedding, this question always arises, what to do about a reception?  Here are some of our reception ideas for your Sarasota Beach Wedding:

Small Weddings of 30 or less guests:

With smaller weddings, the easiest, and most cost-effective way to have a celebration after your beach wedding ceremony is to take your guests to dinner.  Choose a restaurant that either has a small private dining room to rent, or where they take reservations and accommodate your guest count.  You can even make arrangements to have your cake delivered to this venue.  And, if you add our option of your first dance on the beach, you have just about a complete, small wedding reception at a fraction of the cost.  Turtles on Little Sarasota, Cafe Gabbiano’s and the Daquiri Deck in Siesta Key Village.  The Columbia House, and Tommy Bahama in Lido Beach.  Sharkey’s in Venice.  And, there are several more throughout the Sarasota area.

With larger weddings with 30 – 100 guests:

There are several venues that can offer you a great reception for an economical price after your Sarasota Beach Wedding:

Siesta Key:   There are no gulf front hotels, or restaurants directly on the gulf in Siesta Key that offer a reception venue.   However, the Boatyard Bar and Grill is a great option — your own reception area on the bay front.  The Devyn is on the mainland, but is a full service reception venue.  Mattison 41 also provides reception accommodations.

What about a beach wedding reception?

We do not recommend an outdoor beach wedding reception for several reasons.

  • First, most beach areas, do not allow it.  Or, the rules are so limiting that it makes it more work for the couples.  During Turtle Season (May – October) there are many more rules about lighting, hours, on the beach after dark, etc..
  • Your guests definitely would enjoy your beach wedding ceremony, but the comfort of an indoor/outdoor covered area is inviting after you have enjoyed your beach wedding ceremony.
  • If the weather has been a bit uncooperative, but we have been able to use the beach for your wedding, but a storm may be coming through – you do not leave everything to the outdoor elements.  You only have to worry about having a small window of opportunity to complete your Sarasota Beach wedding successfullly, now you can head to your indoor reception area with no worries but to have a great celebration!
  • Your older family members usually prefer an indoor/ or semi-indoor reception.  It is great to be dressed up, and on enjoying the sandy beach for a ceremony, but to spend several hours outdoor on the sand is a different story.
  • Something not usually thought about, but would be greatly appreciated is indoor plumbing!

There are some many options for a reception for your Sarasota Beach Wedding, you can surely find the one that works for you.  Check out our recommendations page for some more local vendors.  And, contact us with any questions you may have about your Sarasota Beach Wedding!