Eloping to Siesta Key

If your dream is to elope to Florida, why not choose Siesta Key?  Eloping to Siesta Key is very easy, and very affordable.  With our Simply Package, everything you need is included in our elopement package.  Our bamboo canopy with white and ivory flowing material will add an elegance to your Florida Beach Elopement.  We have the ceremony officiant who will legally marry the two of you.  We add the sand ceremony into the beach wedding, which represents the joining of the two of you.  And, we have the option of upgrading to  one of our two more dramatic, custom bamboo canopies:  Our lush Tropical Decor, or our unique, Natural Decor.
Why Elope?
With the ever increasing cost of a traditional wedding topping $30,000.00, why not elope?  Eloping to Siesta Key is a stress free, beautiful way to get married — after all, what is a wedding ceremony  about, but the couple declaring their love, and commitment to each other, and promising to love, and cherish each other for the rest of your lives?  
Why not save the money from a traditional ceremony, and use savings for any of the many things you may want to add to your new life together?  A down payment for your dream home, or a new car?  With all of our beach wedding packages, but especially our Simply Elopement package, you will be able to have a beautiful beach wedding without breaking the bank!
Our Tropical Decor Upgrade can make you feel like you are in the tropics, instead of eloping to Siesta Key!  The tropical topper, and conch shells in front of large, natural bamboo poles of the canopy, truly make this a tropical getaway, but no passport is needed!
Eloping to Siesta Key cannot be easier when you choose us to host your destination wedding.  We provide you with the option of obtaining your Florida marriage license by mail, so you won’t even have to visit the local courthouse.  And, yes, a Florida marriage license is definitely required to get married in Florida!
One of our newest, and most exciting additions to our Simply Package:  Your first dance on the beach as a newly married couple!  After your intimate wedding ceremony, we invite you to have your first dance under the bamboo canopy.  Of course, you can choose this very personal song, and it will be played on our professional amplifier.  When eloping to Siesta Key, why not add this addition that will complete your beautiful beach wedding ceremony?
And, if you want to add a few, very important guests, six at the most, why not have them witness this most important moment?  Also, if you have children you would like to include to represent their importance to your newly combined family, you can add them to your sand ceremony?  They can add their own sand, to your sands, and share in this wedding celebration.
Now that you have decided eloping to Siesta Key is right for you, contact us today to make this Florida destination beach wedding a reality!