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Coral Beach Wedding Ceremony in Sarasota, Florida
Teal Beach Wedding Ceremony in Florida

Siesta Key Distinctive Design Beach Wedding Package  -- DETAILED EXPLANATION 

Officiant to perform, and coordinate, your beach wedding ceremony:  Official person to legally marry you in the state of Florida.  Our officiant also performs vow renewal ceremonies (no marriage license required, since you are already married).  If you will be using your own officiant/minister they must keep there ceremony time at 20 minutes or less.  There will be no credits or discounts given for having your own officiant, as ours will still be at the ceremony site to help coordinate your beach wedding.
Siesta Key Weddings will provide you with ceremony and vow selections:  many ceremony and vow choices.  And, of course, you can have your own personal vows, too.
Beach locations in the Sarasota Beach area, with reasonable access:   We usually have our ceremonies at two different beach parks.  We can have your beach wedding at your beachfront hotel or condo, but just make sure they don't charge you to use their beach area for our wedding (a practice we don't agree with!)
In some areas, you may need to obtain permission from property management:  always let management know you are having a beach wedding, and confirm their permission in writing.  We will also need to approve of your chosen beach location, so we can make sure their is reasonable access, as well as parking for our staff.
Consultation by phone and email:  You can email us (preferred method) or call, with any questions, or information you may need
Final beach wedding ceremony agenda will be provided:  A very important part of our packages.  You will receive a general timeline in your wedding packet when you reserve with us.  But, this timeline, is specific to your wedding day and time.  This agenda will confirm all of your decor details, as well as a detailed timeline, including where we will meet the bride, where guests should meet, etc...
Filing of your Florida Marriage License:  Once your ceremony is over, our officiant will take your Florida marriage license, sign and stamp it and return it to the appropriate Florida courthouse for official filing.  If you are having your own officiant/minister we are not responsible to sign, or return your marriage license, your officiant will take care of signing and returning.
Unity Sand Ceremony, including: Decorated sand ceremony table, large heart keepsake case, choice of sand colors:  This sand ceremony represents the joining of two people into "one".  This ceremony is a great way to incorporate children into your ceremony.  Each participant will have their own color of sand and will pour their sand into the main vase to represent their importance, and commitment to this family.  This filled sand ceremony vase is yours to keep.
Photographer at ceremony site with 40 photos, which will include ceremony photos and a few poses of the bride and groom immediately after the ceremony. Your photos will be presented to you by free digital download. Our photographer will take photos of the ceremony.  Immediately after the ceremony, we will finish up with just a few poses of the bride and groom.  If you want additional after ceremony photography time, it can be added for $200.00 and will include a group photo, immediate family photos with the bride and groom, bridal party photos, and more poses of the bride and groom.  Or, you have the option of hiring Forever In Love Photography,  for your ceremony, after ceremony photography (her information can be found above, at the photography information box).
Optional seashell blessing:  After the ceremony, all guests will follow you back down the aisle where they will take a seashell from our basket and head to the shore, where we will throw our seashells in the water all at one time representing extra wishes and blessings for the newly married couple.  This is an optional free inclusion so you can let us know if you want this added to your ceremony.  If you are having over 50 guests, this option is not available.
Large decorated chalkboard announcing the new couple:  Will be placed by the ceremony site, behind the chairs.
Water and Lemonade Stand at the ceremony site:  An important addition to this package, it can be very warm on the beach.  And, don't forget, your guests have been there longer than you, waiting for your arrival.  Lemonade, water, and cups are provided.
PA System: insure great quality music, and for weddings over 25 guests: Our microphone will be available for the officiant 

Recorded music chosen from our selection page:  OUr playlists consisting of three songs per playlist:  1st song for the bridal party (if there is no bridal party, we will start this music right before the ceremony is set to start), 2nd song for the bride walking down the aisle, 3rd song for the couple to walk together after their first kiss.  You will have the option of having a custom playlist (information for this will be on your selections worksheet).  Approximately 15 minutes before the ceremony, music will be played for your guests enjoyment as they wait for the ceremony to start.  
"Just Married" hats for the bride and groom. 
Choice of one of our custom Distinctive Design Packages:  With this package, you will choose a specific design number from this page.
Up to 32 deluxe white resin chairs at ceremony site:  Additional chairs can be added.  See your selections worksheet for cost.

Siesta Key Distinctive Design Package: $2,125.00*
*Holidays, Holiday Weekends, add $200.00 
*does not include any permit of parking fees that may be required
*Additional charges may apply for private home, your condo rental

A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 reserves the date!:  Your deposit is needed to reserve your wedding date.  This deposit is non-refundable, no exceptions.  If you need to change your wedding date, you have a one time date transfer available (as long as it is within six months of the original ceremony date, and is not changed less than 30 days from the original ceremony date).  An additional $300.00 deposit will be required to reserve your second date.
This deposit will be subtracted from your package price​

Tropical Beach Wedding Ceremony in Lido Beach, Florida
Decorated Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony Package

Our options for ceremony photography upgrades for your Florida Beach Wedding in Sarasota:

All of our packages include standard ceremony photography (approximately 40 photos of the ceremony, and a few poses of the bride and groom,  immediately after the ceremony)  Below are our two options for additional ceremony photography.

OPTION #1:  You can add $200.00* to your package price and you will receive expanded ceremony photography time with our staff photographer ($100.00 for the "Simply Siesta" Package).  You will receive all viable photos taken at the ceremony site (average wedding 125+ photos) by free digital download*. You will be able to make any number of prints, in any sizes that you want, -- no hidden fees, no purchasing individual prints from us!  We take a variety of photos, including the wedding ceremony, bridal party, immediate family, along with use of some of our specialty photography props (for weddings with a guest count of over 50, this additional photography time will be $250.00). *  If a photo CD is desired, add $25.00 and we will mail your photos on a photo CD, instead of the digital download option.

OPTION #2:  You may hire Forever In Love Photography for your ceremony photos (if you choose this option, we will deduct $100.00 from our package price, excluding the Simply Siesta Package, not valid with any other outside photographers, or any other package discounts).  You will receive all of your photos on a CD, along with a copyright release letter.   NOTE:  If you hire Forever in Love Photography, she will replace our staff photographer for your ceremony.  You can also hire her for expanded photography time, such as "getting ready" right before the ceremony, as well as reception photography.   Based on availability.  You must reserve her directly, and we will work together during your wedding ceremony photography. Visit Forever in Love Photography at:

If you have your own ceremony photographer:  You are more than welcome to have your own ceremony photographer (not chosen from one of the above options).  If you are not choosing one of the above options, your photographer will be taking all of your ceremony photography.  Your independently hired photographer will take the place of our ceremony photographer (when bringing your own photographer, $100.00 can be deducted from your package price -- except for the Simply Siesta Package).  Once the ceremony is completed, our work will be done, and we will start taking down our ceremony décor.  Your photographer will take you down by the water to finish their photography session.  

Florida Beach Wedding - Distinctive Design Beach Wedding Package in Siesta Key


An all-inclusive Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony!

Package price listed below is for weddings 2-50 PARTICIPANTS 

(more than 50 participants?  Call for quote)

  • Officiant to perform, and coordinate, your beach wedding ceremony
  • Your choice of personalized ceremony and vows provided by Siesta Key Weddings
  • Our select beach locations in Sarasota County, If you are choosing the beach wedding location, it must have reasonable beach access, and parking for us -- for these areas, you will need to obtain property management permission, as well as prior approval from us
  • Consultations by phone and email
  • Final beach wedding ceremony agenda will be provided
  • Large wooden "chalkboard" sign announcing the new couple!
  • Unity Sand Ceremony, including: Decorated sand ceremony table, large heart keepsake vase, and sand color choices
  • Photographer at ceremony site with 40 photos taken of the ceremony and a few poses of the bride and groom, immediately after the ceremony. Your photos will be available to you by free digital download.  Photography is available for upgrade, see additional information at bottom of this page
  • Seashell Blessing (included option - not available for guest count over 50)
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license
  • Water and Lemonade stand for your guests enjoyment
  • PA System: Insures great quality music, over 25 guests, a microphone for crystal clear sound during ceremony
  • Recorded music chosen for our playlist for your wedding ceremony procession
  • Approximately 15 minutes before the ceremony, beach music will be played as your guests arrive.  
  • Decor package chosen from our Distinctive Design Collection
  • Up to 32 deluxe white resin chairs at ceremony site (if more chairs are wanted, they can be added for additional charges)
  • "Just Married" hats for the bride and groom

Siesta Key Distinctive Design PACKAGE: $2,125.00*

*additional travel charges will apply for areas South of Sarasota

*does not include any permits that may have to be obtained

*add $100.00 for Holidays, Holiday Weekends

A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 reserves the date!

This deposit will be subtracted from your package price

--If a beach wedding permit is required, this amount will be added to your initial deposit amount


--extra chairs at the ceremony site ($)

--color chair bands for ceremony chairs ($)

--expanded after-ceremony photography time at ceremony site ($)

--custom playlist ($)

--first dance on beach ($)

--Deduct $100.00 if you will be bringing your own photographer