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We strongly recommend reading the following information before reserving your Florida beach wedding package.  These are the most frequently asked questions, as well as our beach wedding policies, that our wedding couples will want to know.


  • Can our beach wedding packages be customized or changed?  For most of the packages, you will have your choice of decor, vows, etc. (chosen from our extensive selections pages).  We have put together our beach wedding packages to give our couples the best value for their money.  Therefore, the packages are sold as they are:  All-inclusive beach wedding packages.  (of course, for the packages that include chairs, more chairs can be added, etc...)  If there are some items you may not want (for example, the sand ceremony), we can eliminate them from your ceremony package, however, no discounts or credits will be given.
  • For the packages that have a guest limit number:  If you purchase one of our smaller packages that have a guest limit number, and you will have more guests than expected, you will need to upgrade to the next package that can accommodate the additional guests.  The "Simply Siesta" and the "Siesta Nautical Knot" packages are set-up specifically for smaller weddings.  They are not meant for larger weddings, so please don't choose one of these packages if you are having a larger wedding -- additional charges will apply
  • Set -up and take down of all ceremony decor is included in our packages.  We only use our own equipment, chairs, and decorations.  This is for the safety and enjoyment for you, and your guests.  We have taken the up most care, creativity and work to produce our own decorations that can be secured properly on the beach.
  • Assistance with beach wedding coordination:  Yes, for all of our beach wedding packages, we assist with coordination on the beach.  You will receive a detailed itinerary for the ceremony, and assistance when to walk down the aisle, etc... From the start of your beach wedding ceremony, we are in charge.  If you have a "day of" coordinator that you have independently hired for your entire day, this will be their time to relax, or get your reception ready because we are in complete control of the beach wedding ceremony, this is what you hired us for.


  • Who performs the ceremony?:  A Florida notary performs the legal marriage ceremony, or vow renewal ceremony.
  • Can we have a minister?:  Yes, based on availability.  There is an additional charge for their services.
  • Can we bring our own officiant/minister?:  Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own minister of officiant.  However, no credit or substitution will be issued for bringing your own minister or officiant.  Just remember, the officiant must be licensed in the state of Florida to perform ceremonies (your minister will use his religious and church affiliation).  They will be the ones to sign the official marriage license.  They must have their own ceremony (we do not provide one).  You are more than welcome to use any one of our ceremonies.  And, make sure they are familiar with all aspects of your ceremony (for example, the sand ceremony).  The ceremony time limit is 20 minutes.
  • Vow Renewals/Commitment Ceremonies:  We perform vow renewals.  No marriage license, or documentation is required, since you are already married.  Package pricing is the same, as none of our packages include the marriage license fees. A commitment ceremony is exactly what is sounds like:  making a commitment in front of family and friends.  However, this commitment ceremony is not legally binding.
  • Same sex marriages:  Yes, we perform same sex marriages.
  • Ceremony Time:  We will give you a scheduled ceremony time that works with your schedule.  Your ceremony time is the start time NOT the time to start arriving (for example, if you are having a 5:00 p.m. ceremony, your guests should start arriving at 4:30 p.m. and you should arrive by 4:45 p.m. -- this way you are walking down the aisle at 5:00 p.m.).  Keep in mind, later in the day is better -- less visitors on the beach, etc...  If you are late for your own wedding ceremony, late fees will be assessed, and paid, before the start of the ceremony.  If you are more than 45 minutes late, your wedding may be cancelled, and no refunds, rescheduling, or credits will be due.  Promptness is required due to the changing tide conditions, other weddings that may be scheduled, courtesy to your waiting guests, etc...
  • Sunset wedding time:  Yes, we can schedule your wedding near sunset.  Of course, this is the most popular time for a beach wedding in Sarasota.   We schedule our sunset weddings approximately one hour before sunset (when available) so we have plenty of lighting for photos.  Remember, the sunset waits for no one, so promptness is required.
  • Petals, bird seed, rice, etc...:  You can only use real petals (in Sarasota county, we do not allow rose petals as the county requires all petals to be picked up after the ceremony).  You can substitute signage, or you can use  small seashells for your flower girl to throw.   Bird seed or rice, are not allowed as this is not good for the wildlife on the beach.  Confetti is also not allowed, as this would be like littering on the beach.
  • Ceremony Music:  For the packages that include music:  We will play a song for the bridal party as they walk down (if you don't have a bridal party, this music will be played right before the ceremony is set to start), a song for the bride to walk down to, and the third song that will be played once you are married and walk back down the aisle.  We provide a play list for your to choose from (Siesta Nautical Knot will have the option of traditional wedding music or steel drum recorded wedding music).  All music is recorded and played on a professional amplifier.   If you want your own three-song custom playlist, you can add this to your package for only additional charges (songs must be available as singles to purchase from i-tunes).
  • First Dance on the Beach:  With most of our packages, you can add the option of having your first dance right on the beach.  Your selections worksheet will have more details (extra charges apply).

Wedding Ceremony Location Information (including permits and rain policies):

  • Permit required?:  In Sarasota County, a permit is required for the public beach areas where weddings are allowed by the county.   You will be responsible for any permit, or parking fees (all public beach areas in Sarasota County require a permit -- we will obtain the permit for you, and add the cost of the permit to your package price.  NOTE:  Siesta Key does not allow any weddings at public access points, or walkways (this does not include the "rented" areas at Siesta Key Public Beach, Turtle Beach, Lido Beach, etc...).   We follow all county rules and regulations to insure that your beach wedding is beautiful AND legal.
  • Do I have to find my own beach location?:  We have locations available for your beach wedding.  If you want to have the ceremony at a location of your choice:  It must have reasonable beach access for us, and your guests.   For private properties, you will have to obtain the manager/owner's permission, as well as prior approval from us.   We also will determine where is the best place for our set-up on the beach.  Travel Tip:  Just because it is advertised as "private beach" it does not mean you can have a private beach for your wedding.  It usually means there is limited access to their beachfront, so all guests from their area (and possibly surrounding buildings) will be using this beach.  Also, "ocean view" usually means you can see the ocean, but you are not directly on the beach.  "Ocean front" usually means you will be directly on the beach.
  • Who is responsible for obtaining permission in front of private residences/condos or hotels?  You are responsible  for obtaining permission from private residences, condos, or hotels where you may want to have your ceremony.  If we will have your beach ceremony at a private residence or condominium complex you MUST make sure there is adequate parking for us.  If there are "locked" gates to get to the beach, we must be provided with keys, or someone from your party must stay with us to make sure all doors are kept unlocked while we go back and forth to bring our equipment to the beach.
  • Can we have the wedding ceremony take place other than the beach? No, we are a beach wedding company and all of our decorations are designed specifically for the beach.  
  • Are there private beach wedding locations?  All beaches are public beaches.  We make the most effort in choosing our sites that are less congested.  There will probably be people visiting our beautiful beaches.  However, they are usually most respectful of your wedding celebration.  In some areas, such as Siesta Key Beach, your required permit does not allow you to "block off" an area of the beach.  However, you reserved beach wedding space will not be occupied by another wedding ceremony, party, etc...
  • What happens if it rains? Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather.  We will make every effort to have the ceremony on the beach.   If we can wait out a storm for a short period of time, we will.   If it is a light shower, the ceremony can go on, but some, or all of our equipment  and decorations may not be used.   If we can't wait out the weather,  we will try and move the wedding to your nearby reception venue  (decorations may not be able to be used at the alternate ceremony site).  We are not responsible for finding you an alternative site.   Some parts, or all of our set-ups might not be able to be installed during inclement weather.  If there is a Hurricane Warning, we would be happy to reschedule the ceremony for another day (based on availability).   There are no credits or refunds issued due to weather-related issues.  
  • Who is responsible for finding an alternate indoor site?  It is your responsibility to have a back-up plan.  We will set-up our decorations only once.  At Siesta Key Public Beach there is a covered walkway down to the beach.  This may be rented by you, as back-up (if this is an option you want to explore, just let us know and we can email you more information).


  • Do I need a Florida Marriage License to get married in Florida?  Yes!  You must obtain your own Florida marriage license to get married in Florida.  You can obtain your Florida marriage license in any county in Florida.  It does not have to be from the county you are getting married in.  Residents of Florida: There is a three-day waiting period after you apply for your marriage license Non-Florida Residents:  There is no waiting period At this time, a Florida marriage license is $86.50  and is not included in any of our packages. You must obtain AND bring your marriage license to your wedding ceremony.  Once you reserve with us, we can provide you with information in obtaining your marriage license by mail at no extra cost (only available to non-Florida residents). 


  • Ceremony photography information:   Standard ceremony Photography is included in all of our packages:   We use our own staff photographers.  Our photographers are well-trained in beach weddings.  They know how to set-up the best possible shots, and how to stay out of the way, so your family and friends can also see, and enjoy your wedding ceremony.  Our photographers also assist us with the bridal procession, etc..  they are there to guide you as you are walking down the aisle. We take photographs during, and  a couple of poses of the bride and groom, immediately after the ceremony.   You will have the option of purchasing additional photography time.  This will include many more photos, use of our props, and a free digital download of all viable ceremony pictures.   Our  main goal is to take the best photos possible, but some things, including weather, natural lighting, timing, equipment malfunctions, disruptive guests, other people on beach, may have an effect on your photography.    If you will be hiring your own photographer for your ceremony photos:  Your independently hired photographer will take the place of our ceremony photographer (for all packages, except the Simply Package, $100.00 will be deducted from the package price when you will be bringing your own ceremony photographer).  Once the ceremony is complete, your hired photographer will take you, and your guests, down to the water to finish their photography session.  Our work will be done, and we will start taking down our ceremony décor.

  • When does the photography start and how long does it take?:  We start the photography when the ceremony is about to begin.  We take photos during the ceremony and a few poses of the bride and groom after the ceremony.  If you have purchased the additional photography time from us,  the after ceremony photos will take approximately 30 - 45 minutes, depending on the number of guests, guest and family cooperation, etc...  If you are late for your ceremony, you will also forfeit some after ceremony photography time and no credit will be issued.

  • Can our photographers also take our reception photos?   No.  Our photographers is our own staff photographers and available only for the beach wedding ceremony packages.  However,  You can contact Forever in Love Photography who would be more than happy to offer their  services for your wedding day (based on availability).  Her contact information can be found on our packages page, or click on the following link:

  • How will we receive our photos?:  You will receive your ceremony photos by a free digital download sent to your email address.  You will have 30 days to save them to your computer, cloud, device, etc... .  You will receive an email copyright release for your photos, so you can make all the prints, etc... you would like.  Photos can take up to 60 days to receive.  If a photo CD is desired, you can add $25.00 to your package, and receive your photos on a CD, instead of the digital download option.

  • Do you offer videography services?  We work with a professional videographer/cinematographer who can offer you several types of formats for your videography -- you will need to hire them directly.  If you will be hiring your own videographer, but using our photographer - your independently hired videographer will not interfere with our ceremony photography, or video our after ceremony photography time.  Once our after ceremony photography work is complete, they can resume videography.


  • Deposit questions and information.  A deposit is required to reserve the date.  Your deposit is non-refundable, NO EXCEPTIONS.  
    Your deposit will be applied to the package price, so it will be deducted from the total price of the package.  
  • Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations are allowed up to 31 days before your scheduled wedding date:   your deposit, plus any monies paid to outside vendors is non-refundable.  You will have the option to reschedule one time, up to six months from the original ceremony date, based upon availability.   If you cancel within 30 days of the wedding ceremony, all monies paid will be forfeited and no rescheduling will be allowed. ​Hurricane Cancellation Policy:  On the rare instance there is a cancellation due to a hurricane, and your wedding cannot take place at your original beach location, you will have three options: we can move your wedding to another one of our beach locations in Florida that is not effected by the Hurricane; or,  you will have the option of rescheduling up to one year from your original ceremony date, or if you do not wish to move it to another available city, or reschedule, then a 50% refund of the package price will be issued (Permits will not be able to be refunded.  And, if you paid by credit card, 5% will be deducted for all credit card transactions, as those fees have been paid by us).
  • When is my final payment due?:  Final payment is due 30 days before the ceremony date.  If you are scheduling your wedding 30 days or less from the ceremony date, payment in full is expected at time of booking. IF YOUR PAYMENT IS LATE, you will need to pay your remaining balance, in cash, within seven days of the ceremony date.
  • Which Holidays will add to the cost of the package?:  Additional charges will be added  to the package cost for the following Holidays: Easter Weekend, Memorial Weekend, The week of 4th of July,  Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Eve.  We do not perform ceremonies on July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day.
  • Are there extra charges for having a bridal party or wedding guests?  We do not charge to have a bridal party or guests.  Note:  Some of our smaller packages do have guest and bridal party limitations.  These packages were not designed for large weddings and extra charges will apply if you go over the guest limit allowed for these smaller packages.


  • Can we meet with you in person to discuss our wedding?:   We wish we did have the time to meet with all prospective couples. But, then there wouldn't be any time to take care of our couples who have chosen us for their most important day (as you can imagine how many couple want to have a Siesta Key Beach Wedding)!  However, all of our communication will be done by email or telephone.  We  explain all of our packages, and what is included in each package, directly on our website.  We have offered you a marriage license page, along with important links to obtain your marriage license.  We also have our selections pages that will have all of our selections (and there are a lot of them!) photographed and numbered, for your convenience.   your beach wedding will work.  Once you reserve with us, you will receive an information packet, filled with time lines, worksheet, contract, all sent to you electronically.   We make it easy and stress-free!

  • Beach Wedding Attire (including hair and veil):  Any type of wedding attire is great for a beach wedding.  A bride's dress can never be too formal, even if the groom is opting to wear khakis and a dress shirt.  Brides keep in mind for your hair and veil:  Even on the best of beach days, there is usually a breeze, so remember to have extra pins to pin up unruly bangs or fly-away curls.   A veil can be beautiful at a wedding, but a long veil can easily be twisted in the wind at your beach wedding.  We recommend skipping the veil, but if you must wear one, make sure you can easily take off your veil, if needed to.
  • Do you take care of the reception?:  No, but once your package is reserved, we can certainly offer you several different options and venues for your reception or celebration dinner.
  • Do you help with hotel reservations?:  Once your package is reserved,  we can certainly recommend hotels in the area.
  • Most important, why should you hire us?  Beach weddings ARE our business.  Each one of our bridal couples are special and important to us.    With our company, you may be purchasing a package, but you will have a lot of choices, so your beach wedding celebration will be how you have chosen it.  When you hire Siesta Key Weddings, your Florida Beach wedding celebration will be unique and complete!

A Florida beach wedding is a beautiful and unique experience.  Our goal is to make this day one of the best of your lives.  We want your Destination Beach Wedding in Florida to be the best for you, and your special guests!

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Frequently Asked Questions (and important information)

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